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Hunting shacks, concrete tanks, a fire refuge, and tin sheds imparted their unique character on Lush Desolation through site specific recordings. 

Use of use unique sites was used through the writing and recording process to influence the sound  subtly through enjoyment and creative vibes

A range of gear to support mobile recording setups with collaborator and engineer Nao Anzi providing technical expertise. 

Over time the sites became to overtly inhernt to the final sound.

Recording the vibrating walls, distorting tin and verbed tanks. 

"These are old trusted recording techniques and were central in our attempt to impart a sense of place to the recordings. This album is about place and displacement. 

It was important  to immerse ourselves in environments that would shift our mindset away from routine and responsibility. Recording setups under trees or on granite tors achieved this as well as the time to put away the microphones, close the laptop and head spotlighting through the bush."

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recording lush desolation

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